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We're In The News!

July 1, 2013 Eleven Who Care Honeree: Hannah Lieder
Hannah Lieder is a woman who is passionate about swimming and believes all children should have access to learning this important, life saving skill.   Go There >

May 12, 2013 Alec Fischer Films Video
Here is a new short film I've been working on with the non-profit organization Minneapolis Swims. If you would know an individual or an organization with a story or mission they'd like to share please have them contact me via FB message.   Go There >

May 27, 2012 Rosenblum: Legislature gets in the swim of things on children's issues
The 2012 Legislative session will be remembered by most Minnesotans as the Year of the Stadium. My heart was attached to two other issues. One represents governance at its shining best. The other leaves me sad, but hopeful still. Let's go with sunny first.   Go There >

May 13, 2012 Phillips Community Center celebrates grand opening and bonding bill victory for pool
There couldn't have been a grander day for the opening celebration of the all new Phillips Community Center (PCC) on Saturday, May 12. The sun was shining, children were playing, and the mood was high, especially after news this week that Governor Dayton approved a bonding bill that included $1.75 million…   Go There >

May 11, 2012 Rebirth Of The Phillips Neighborhood Pool
The Phillips neighborhood is a big winner of this sessions' bonding bill, where a bipartisan effort helped bring much needed renovations to the only indoor public pool in the city, reports Reg Chapman.   Go There >

May 2, 2012 Minneapolis Woman Works to Save Pool
Hannah Lieder is passionate about getting kids in the water, and for all kids to learn to swim....especially those who live in the toughest, most economically challenged neighborhoods. Lieder heads Minneapolis Swims, a group dedicated to helping inner city kids have the chance to learn to swim.   Go There >

April 27, 2012 Minneapolis Sink or Swim? How a Neighborhood Pool Can Make Kids Stronger, Smarter and Safer
Each day in the U.S., an average of ten people drown. The majority of those who drown (or nearly drown - a significantly higher number) never intended to be in the water. In 2011, there were 19 drowning incidents and 22 near-drowning incidents in Hennepin County alone.   Go There >

March 28, 2012 How a neighborhood pool won over the Legislature
There are winners and losers every time the Legislature starts spending money.The biggest winner in this year's bonding bills might just be a Minneapolis community pool. The Phillips neighborhood pool, the last indoor public pool in the urban center, was on the verge of being filled in with concrete…   Go There >

March 28, 2012 Senate's $496 million bonding bill spurns Twin Cities
The biggest items on the Twin Cities' wish lists didn't make it into the Senate's $496 million borrowing bill, released Wednesday. (But our pool project did!)   Go There >

Feb. 8, 2012 Sen. Hayden and Rep. Clark voice strong support for bonding bill
State Senator Jeff Hayden and State Representative Karen Clark are working with Governor Mark Dayton and bipartisan legislative leadership to include funding in this year's bonding bill for the Phillips Community Center pool renovation project.   Go There >

Feb. 9, 2012 Headline article in The Circle about saving the pool
The Phillips Community Center Pool is the front page article in this month's The Circle newspaper which is dedicated to presenting news from a Native American perspective. The article, written by Jamie Kieth was very positive.   Go There >

Feb. 10, 2012 Featured in article in Christianity Today magazine
Hannah Lieder was featured in an article in Christianity Today titled: Breaking Through the Glass Sidewalk: Why Every City Needs Women Influencers. Written by Kelly Bean, it is about how women uniquely lead neighborhood transformation.   Go There >

Feb. 11, 2012 9th Ward Leader Of The Year!
Hannah Lieder and Minneapolis Swims was celebrated as Leader of the Year for the City of Minneapolis Ninth Ward by Gary Schiff, Ninth Ward councilman, during a "Breakfast With Gary" gathering at Mercado Central in January. See the video link here.

Feb. 12, 2012 Larissa Rodriguez makes a big splash!
Minneapolis Swims Board Member Larissa Rodriguez was recognized by Aquatics International magazine in their annual Power 25 list of standout leaders in the industry. Larissa is recognized for her work to engage adults in swimming at her website swimmunity.com.

We're All About Water!

Minneapolis has a serious social justice issue. The children of Minneapolis do not have equal access to swimming education. All of the public pools serving the poorer neighborhoods in the city have disappeared. The four remaining public school pools are located in the extreme corners of the city in the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. These children get swimming as part of school. But the children in the poorer, minority neighborhoods do not.

Minneapolis has no public indoor swimming facility in the entire city -- this will be the only one. It is currently closed and in need of rehabilitation. This pool is centrally located in the city on a major bus route. We estimate 12,000 children live within walking distance of this pool and currently these children have little to no opportunity to learn to swim.

Minneapolis Swims is working to restore the last remaining public pool in Minneapolis and operate it for the benefit of the community. Please read more to learn about who we are, what we are doing, and how you can get involved.

The map of Minneapolis shows the locations of indoor an outdoor pools and the location of our poor, empty pool. Click on the image to view/download a large (3.6mb) version.

So dive in and join our adventure!